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What the Future Will Bring...

This whole experience has been an amazing journey for us. Our property is our canvas and the creative juices are flowing like the Niagara Falls.

With our two pronged approached to creating a great experience for others to enjoy our ideas are endless. So many good thoughts on what to offer in the gourmet market, what to sell in the garden center, designing the surrounding grounds for a casual and relaxing atmosphere for all to enjoy, and the list goes on.

Our plan is to continue to offer new food and beverages in the Market in the upcoming weeks. We will have homemade sandwiches and soups, coffee to go (cup), gourmet cheeses and crackers, healthy dips, olive oil, jams & preserves, apple butter, more homemade baked goods, wine and craft beers! Stay tuned to us on Facebook and our website so you know when these changes arrive.

Jennifer will have some gift baskets made up with our products, but I will also design the website so that you can select you own items that we have and build your own gift basket. We will also be offering a pre-order service for those in a hurry. This will allow guests of the Bryce resort, visitors passing through, and all of our local friends the opportunity to select any item that we have in inventory to be packaged up and readily available for a quick visit to pick up your order. More details on this service to come...

As for the Wetlands Trading Co. Garden Center which opens in the spring of 2023, the changes will be fast and furious. Our new building should be up within the next few weeks. There will be lots to do on the inside for preparation, but our desire for the surrounding areas is to provide our guest with beautiful gardens, ponds and well-designed patios and sitting areas where you can enjoy coffee, a sandwich, fiends or solitude. We already have several koi ponds and frog ponds, but I will be adding several other water features to create a peaceful scene. I will also design some paths around the larger pond and around the property to enjoy what will be some excellent landscaping.

We will have seasonal events with local artisans and live music, hot cider, foods, and a collection a great people that share some of the same joys in life. Follow us on Facebook and our website for notifications of upcoming events.

Just some of the items in the garden center to look forward to: bird baths, bird feeders, windchimes, rain chains, sun dancers, solar lighting, mulch, stone, soil, pond supplies, decor by Three Thirty 3 Designs, planters/pots, statuary and much, much more.

This will not just be a place to purchase great foods and items, but we want to make this a true "experience" that you will enjoy. Times goes by too fast. The world is too hectic and divided. Let us help you find inner peace and peace with nature for your mind and soul, as well wholesome nutrition for the body.

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