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Inside a Frozen Pond

The koi ponds experienced a flash freeze over the last several days, leaving clear ice versus a cloudy, opaque view. In the smaller pond an occasional glimpse of a suspended orange koi fish. The larger pond reveals something much more unique. Aside from the frozen pond greens and pine needles in the water from the nearby tree, the flash freeze has also trapped bubbles from the aerator, as shown as the white dots below.

Upon closer examination we can see the small world of the frozen bubbles. They come in a variety of sizes, but all captured as they float to the top of the pond through the quickly freezing water, only making it a short distance before being captured in time.

As I zoom in on the bubbles they seem to take on an unworldly appearance, almost reminding me of the towering nebulae pictures taken by the Hubble telescope.

As you examine the bubbles you can clearly see the different sizes and phases of the bubble rising through the pond water, only to be flash frozen as it ascends. Quite the spectacle that nature has provided for me on our new lot, yet again. Last week we had some amazing views of ice that had taken over everything. This week we were blessed with yet another spectacular view of one of nature's miracles.

I love everything about this property and how it continues to bring me back closer to nature, which is where most of my best years in this life have been. There is a calming influence when I am away from the daily grinds of life and have time to think, relax, meditate and enjoy any of the wonders of matter how big or small.

This is our hope for the experience that people have with our garden center and market. We want you to let us design and create a beautiful and peaceful spot where you can take a few minutes away from the hustle of the world. Put work, politics and stress aside. We will provide beautiful sitting areas for people to come and relax. Have a cup of coffee, enjoy some delicious baked goods, sit and let some time drift away as you enjoy the little pieces of nature that we can provide.

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