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And so it begins....

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

When we lived in Woodstock, VA we quickly realized that Jennifer needed more space for her interior design business, Three Thirty 3 Designs. She has many loyal clients, and her business keeps growing due to her tremendous skills at reupholstery, furniture refinishing, quilting, murals, and the list goes on. As we were sitting on our back porch one morning, we decided to start looking at the housing market just to see what may be available that could provide the living space that we enjoy, and the working space that she requires. I also had a space requirement for my fishing lure business, so we had a few things to consider.

With that thought in mind, we looked at one home that was decent, but not exactly what we were looking for. I decided to reach out to our favorite realtor, Crystal Fleming of Skyline Realty (Woodstock) who had helped us tremendously in our past to migrate from one good home to another. A few text messages later we had an appointment with Crystal to show her the improvements that we made to our current home and review the current market to get her expert opinion on selling ours and what may be available that would work for us.

I think it was probably no more than an hour and Crystal asked me if I was familiar with a certain property in Mount Jackson, VA and she sent me the name. Not being from the area originally, I was not familiar with what she stated, but told her I would look at the link. I also asked Jennifer if she would consider living in Mount Jackson, but she loves the town of Woodstock and has many friends and a church family, so she said no. A few minutes later I received the link and wow, was I impressed! Beautiful building, newly remodeled, and the landscaping was awesome. Crystal told me that the property is zoned for residential and commercial, and that was ideal for our needs since we had two businesses to run. The property was never used as a residence, always as a business of one type or another. At one point the property was actually operated as a small garden center, which explained the pictures of koi ponds and several architectural design structures on the lot.

Now our minds took off to the next level of desire and creativity. We started the recovery process of the partially overgrown lot to create a new garden center! My two desired businesses to run on my own have always been something involving my two favorite hobbies: fishing and landscaping. Got one from my father, the other from my mother. This would now become main focus and dream. Along with the garden center, we had a prime location and space to have a market or small store that Jennifer could manage to sell some unique offerings for food, beverage, design etc. to local patrons and travelers coming into the area for Bryce Resort.

And just like that, we sold our house in Woodstock in two days, purchased the new property quickly moved into what was and now still is..... the Wetlands Trading Co.!

New dreams, new hard work and we are loving every minute of it! Jennifer's market store will open on December 15th, so between that and her Three Thirty 3 Designs work she will be very busy doing what she loves...creating and making people smile and be happy. I will continue working on the property getting it ready to open as a garden center in the spring of 2023.

Old friends and new friends to-be are all welcome to come visit, see what we offer, and join our "friends" list for future seasonal events in the new building. Come back often since we will be updating our items and foods often. Our goal is to create an enjoyable, relaxing experience for all!
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