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More About Us

Committed to Create an Experience...not just a shopping destination.

Our goal is to offer unique items and provide a peaceful and relaxing destination where people
can enjoy some quiet time while they shop at the market store or garden center. We will from time to time have seasonal sales and events for your shopping and entertainment, with live music, hot ciders, coffee and baked goods. There will be seating staged around the property where friends & family can relax and spend time with each other, as well as those that wish to savor the moment with some alone time.

Watch the koi and frogs in the ponds. Have some coffee and fresh biscotti. Stoll around the garden center looking for unique gifts for yourself or others, choosing from our collections of statuary, bird feeders, wind chimes, solar lighting, planters, and more.

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We offer shopping for a garden center and market store. Our goal is to allow our patrons to have a pleasurable and relaxing visit and shopping experience. The event center will provide seasonal events and entertainment.

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Market / Store

Opening in December 2022, our store is small but desirable. We will offer breads, baked goods, jams, maple syrup, honey, peanuts, Rte 11 chips, candles, home decor, , gift baskets, craft beers, wines.

Home of Three Thirty 3 Designs, you will always find furniture and decor that Jennifer has designed or created, as well as partner with her on your next reupholstery or refinishing project.

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Garden Center

Opening in spring of 2023 we will have a garden center that will have many of the standard items such as mulch, plants, planters, bird feeders/food, bird baths, solar lighting, wind chimes, statuary, etc. Our goal is to have these categories of items but will always try to find unique and highly desirable gifts & decor for our clients.

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Enjoy the Experience and  Events

We want people to enjoy not just the shopping, but the whole experience. Our new building is being installed late fall of 2022 and will not only serve and the main indoor space for the garden center, but will also be the source of seasonal events, pop up sales with other artisans, and a destination for people to enjoy food, beverages, company and live music.

A destination and an experience!

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